Compound Eye Washer

Product title:HA02102 Composite Eye Washer

Product Description:

Name: Compound Eye Washer

Model: HA02102


Product Description

Name: Compound Eye Washer

Model: HA02102

Technical parameters:

1. Eye wash nozzle - stainless steel material, equipped with stainless steel filter, can form soft bubble water flow, more effective for rapid rinsing of harmful substances in the eyes, while reducing the re-injury to the eyes.

2. Valve-punch Valve 1"-304 Stainless Steel Galvanized Ball Valve

Punch valve 1/2"304 stainless steel galvanized ball valve

3. Inlet and outlet - 1/4"inch internal rib

4. Water Pressure - 0.2MPA~0.8MPA

5. Water Source-Clean Domestic Water

6. Use environment - where dangerous substances splash, where polluted environment may occur or burn

Optional pedal device