Electrical locks

Product title:HA03201B Miniature Circuit Breaker Lock (pin inward)

Product Description:

Name: Large miniature circuit breaker lock (pin outward)

Model: HA03201B


Product Description

Name: Large Miniature Circuit Breaker Locks (Pins Outside Large)

Model: HA03201B

Technical parameters:

Made of high strength ABS material, it has excellent insulation and corrosion resistance.

Miniature circuit breaker with pinhole for locking, 11mm < hole spacing < 20mm

Installation does not require any tools, just a button can be easily completed

Three types: pin outward (standard), pin inward (standard), pin outward (large size)

It is suggested that the HA03101 safety padlock be used, and the padlock with a diameter of 0.7cm can be used for circuit breaker lock.