Rescue tripod

Product title:Rescue tripod

Product Description:Rescue tripod

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Product Description

Scope of application:

Tripod is suitable for operation in high places, cliffs and closed spaces. The common closed spaces are various kinds of tanks, containers, reaction kettles, railway tankers, ship cabins, closed transportation channels, underground pipelines (such as cable ditches), flue ducts, tunnels, grain silos, pits, vertical wells, pulp tanks, sewage tanks, sewers, cellars, septic tanks, sewage wells, sewage canals, etc. Most of them are unusual. Places for regular and discontinuous operations. It is widely used in fire fighting, municipal administration and rescue organizations.

Structural characteristics:

The utility model is composed of a main body, a sling, a winch and a ring protection chain.

The retractable foot made of high strength light alloy has a safety factor of more than 10 and a ring-shaped protective chain at the foot.

_The winch is equipped with self-locking device for lifting and lowering, which ensures the safety of the sling.

_Special stainless steel wire rope is selected for the sling, which has good flexibility and will not be damaged by rust or oil shortage.

Convenient assembly, the device can be adapted to local conditions in the wellhead, pit mouth, and not subject to the restriction of uneven ground.

Technical parameters:

_zui large load: <160Kg

_Closing length: 1.8m

_Opening height: 2.4m

_Manual handle force: <500N

_Wire rope length: 30m