Valve lock class

Product title:Universal ball valve safety lock (small) double barrier HA03503C

Product Description:

Name: Multi-purpose ball valve safety lock (small size) double retaining wall

Model: HA03503C


Product Description

Universal ball valve safety lock (small) double barrier HA03503C

● Designed for all types of rotary valves: round, square or flat, and handles with special shapes, straight or inclined

●Applicable to valve handles with a maximum thickness of 15mm and a maximum width of 26mm for any length

●Can be used for valves on pipes with insulation

● Used to lock the "open" and "closed" positions during maintenance with safety control.

●Used with another arm (sold separately), it can be used to lock any position in the regulated flow, lock the 3-way, 4-way, 5-way valve

●The product is made of durable nylon and steel materials. It is structurally strong and lightweight. It is resistant to corrosion by most chemicals.