Safety padlock

Product title:HA0310638450;"23576;" 25346;"38145

Product Description:

Name: Dust-proof Padlock

Model: HA03106


Product Description

Name: Dust-proof Padlock

Model: HA03106


Transparent ABS material, used to cover the lock body, prevent the keyhole from being blocked by sand, dust, etc.

Lightweight and strong insulating lock

Lock body insulation, unique lock core can prevent current from passing from the lock beam to the key, thus further improving the performance of electric shock protection.

The locking hook is made of copper and has a special strong corrosion-resistant electroplating layer, which is far superior to the similar products.

The lock body is attached with a clear and writable warning label.

Lock hook size: net height 3.8 cm, spacing 2.1 cm, diameter 0.55 cm

Applicable temperature: - 57 - 177.

The lock body can be engraved with English letters and codes by Yongjiu

There are seven colors to choose from: red, orange, blue, yellow, green, white and black.

Choose the same flower, different flower or multi-level management organization function lock.